Uzbekistan plans to introduce visa-free regime for citizens of 22 more states

Uzbekistan plans to introduce a visa-free regime for citizens of 22 more states. This was stated by the Acting First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Tourism Ulugbek Kasimhodjaev.

He noted that the Government of Uzbekistan is considering a draft of the relevant document.

Today Uzbekistan has established a visa-free regime with 18 countries, including bilateral – with the CIS countries, including Russia, and Georgia.

From February 2018, Uzbekistan introduced a visa-free regime for citizens of Israel, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey and Japan. This list was expanded with Tajikistan in March and France in October.

Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan may launch Silk Visa program in February

Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan can launch the Silk Visa general program in February 2019. This was stated by the Acting First Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Tourism Ulugbek Kasimhodjaev.

According to him, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan agreed on the draft Silk Visa in their departments. He added that the parties should agree on technical details and equipment.

Kasimkhodjaev underlined that other countries in the region are also showing interest in this project. Among them are Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. At the same time, Kazakhstan also proposes to connect Azerbaijan and Turkey to this project.

Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan signed an agreement on mutual recognition of visa regimes by the countries of the Silk Road in mid-November.

Previously forbidden places became accessible for visits by tourists

The Cabinet of Ministers ruled out a number of objects and territories of the country from among those which were banned for visits by tourists.

According to the State Committee for Tourism Development, the following territories are available for visiting:

• radio-astronomy complex (RT-70) on the Suffa plateau and the adjacent area of the Zaamin district of the Jizzakh region;
• within the Jizzakh region – the Guralashsay locality, the road from the Zaamin sanatorium through the Suffa plateau and the Kyzylmazar tract to the village of Muzbulak;
• within the Kashkadarya region – Tamerlane cave in the Kalasay gorge, Tashkurgan village, traces of dinosaurs in the Kalasay gorge, waterfall in the Kalasay gorge, the Suvtushar waterfall, the villages of Javuz, Gilan, Kul, the Hadja-Karshavar plateau, Janka Lake, the Severtsev glacier, the “Hazrat Sultan” sacred place.

As noted in Goscomtourism, the decision was made to increase the attractiveness of Uzbekistan as a destination for tourism and attract foreign and domestic tourists.

Foreign tourists will be able to export gold from Uzbekistan

The Resolution outlines a plan of action for the implementation of the project, the main roles of the participants in the course of construction, expertise of the technical task of the tender documentation for the purchase of equipment and materials. It should be noted that the Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine SE can sell the remnants of jewelry of its own production in the domestic market for the national currency with the target direction of incoming funds from the sale of jewelry to finance the project.
Implementation of the resolution may have a positive impact on increasing the attractiveness of Uzbekistan as a tourist destination.

One of the most common types of tourism can be called shopping tourism. It is popular with tourists from India and China, where many tourists come to Uzbekistan. Tourists from India and China like to buy gold items during their travels – this is their peculiar tradition. This can also include the purchase of gold bars, which will help develop the precious metals market and make Uzbekistan even more attractive for tourists.

To facilitate the import and export of precious metals from Uzbekistan, appropriate measures will be developed, weight restrictions will be defined and the conditions for the import and export of precious metals.

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